New (academic) year, new beginnings!

Dear current, soon to be or past member of BASIS,

I Just wanted to give you a quick update on how things are coming along, we are three weeks away from starting our next year, two weeks away from the introduction days for first years, and five days away from the HOPweek!

Summer passed by too damn fast and whilst enjoying beaches, mountains and festivals, we’ve also been hard at work preparing to give all you guys one hell of a student life over the next year!

By we, I don’t just mean the board, also all the committee members that have been working on refiningtheir ideas and thinking up some kick-ass projects for next year!

Here is a quick rundown of some of the things in the making:

  • Back-To-School Party - Social committee has been hard at work to bring you one hell of a beach party in the second week of classes! SoCo’s beach parties have been pretty dope so far, and this one is building up to break all previous expectations!  
  • BASIS radio station - With 1 operator for each of the 8 regions, introducing you to the classics ofthe region, and the new up and coming artists. There is also a talk show in the making, which will create a new space for debate! The radio will run 4 days a week with 4-6 hours of content a day!
  • A TEDx conference - We are about to announce the people that got were selected to run theconference, which will hit our campus in the beginning of the second semester, more info to follow soon, including how to get involved!
  • A Committee fair - held on day 2 of the introduction days for our new IS recruits, all committees will be present with activities lined up and hype-building in the process! If you want to help out and volunteer at the fair, just drop us an email:
  • The MUN sub-committee - the first official sub-committee of BASIS, this committee is a part of theAcademic committee and will focus on organizing 4-6 trips to conferences and maybe …
  • WijnMUN -The second MUN organized by BAIS students (after MUNOTH), yes the name is a play on our love of all types of pressed grapes.
  • New BASIS office - we are changing the BASIS office on the ground floor, here are the general changes:
  • Office Hours: probably every Monday from 9-5, we might change up the dates, update to follow
  • The office, will now also be a lounge open to all students to chill, with couches, a microwave and all them fancy amenities
  • A fridge: we want to store the rescued food from SPAR and Albert Heijn in a fridge that has been generously donated by our culinary committee’s Shivaani (much love)

There is quite a lot more to come and in the pipelines, and I’m looking forward to keeping you all in theloop about what we’re working on.

One thing is for sure, we want to earn your membership to BASIS, and we are not taking you guys for granted! I can promise you this, myself and my fucking amazing team will work our asses off to make your year an unforgettable blast. We’re not working to make BASIS great, we’re only interested in making our time at Leiden dope. (damn reading this over this is super cheesy … the sun is getting to me)

If you have any question do feel free to message me on Facebook (Maurice Kirschbaum), or by email, or any of the other board or committee members.

Yours Truly,


P.S: Don’t forget to sign-up for BASIS through this link!

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