The BASIS Academic Committee


Being a student is about expanding your scope and perception of the world, about challenging your mind, about enriching your knowledge. The Academic Committee offers the intellectual journey that all these attributes of being a student deserve. Training skills and exploring new knowledge are our aims when organizing activities. Guest Lectures and Speakers, Embassy Visits, NGO Visits, Movie Nights, Debating Clubs, Moden United Nations Trainings, and Dutch Lessons are among the many events and projects we organize. Almost all of our events include an element of discussion about the relevant subject, very often important issues of our time. This way we are trying to stimulate fellow students exchanging their thoughts and promoting discussion.

Furthermore, we are always interested to hear what’s in demand so if you have any ideas for events do not hesitate and send us a message at!

We hope to see you very soon at one of our events!

Board 2017/2018:
President: Abigail Montalvo