The BASIS Equality Committee

The Equality Committee was created with the intention of promoting the discussion of issues of racial, sexuality and gender-related equality amongst students of BAIS and beyond. Many students within IS express interest in such issues, and this makes this an ideal time and place for us to come together as a proactive, tolerant and diverse group. We believe in creating a safe and open space for opinions of all kinds.

Our activity ranges from the fun and the colourful, such as joining in Pride parades, to more serious events such as discussions on racially discriminate violence. We also hope to grow our sense of sharing, awareness and community through online discussion. In addition, we are already enjoying and expanding collaborations with other groups including Positive Debt, Amnesty International, BAISMAG, the BASIS Social Committee and LUC Diversity. We hope to see all of you at our next event!


Board 2017/2018
President: Marissa Preston
Vice-President: Nevena Bojovic
Secretary: Lindy Blommestein
Treasurer: Marko Jovic
Event Manager: Thomas King
Event Manager: Nicole Kaldec