Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a BASIS member?
You can become a member by filling in this form.

2. When can I become a BASIS member?
It is highly recommended that you sign up at the beginning of the year, so that you can take full advantage of everything that BASIS has to offer. However, it is possible to register at all times.

3. What is the membership fee?
The membership fee is €20 for a full year and €10 for the one semester only.

4. What are the benefits of being a BASIS member?
There are too many benefits to name them all. Just a few examples: you can order books through us at a discount, you get access to BASIS’ exclusive social events such as culinary dinners, you can attend parties, sports trainings and jam sessions for a discounted price or for free and you can partake in embassy visits, debates and guest lectures.

5. How do I contact BASIS?
You can send an email to info@basisthehague.nl. It's also possible to send us a private message through our Facebook page. Ideas and suggestions are very much welcome!

6. How do I sign up for the BASIS book deal?
The book deal is always announced on Facebook, as well as through email. All you need to do is make sure you send us an email before the deadline, with your name, which year you are in, and which books you want to order.

7. How do I sign up to get emails from BASIS?
All members should be receiving regular updates from us, as well as important information. If you are not on our mailing list, please send us an email at info@basisthehague.nl, so that we can add you.

8. Do I get a refund, if I’ve paid for a book, but haven’t received it?
Please contact info@basisthehague.nl, so that our treasurer can take a look at your case.

9. How do the board members get elected?
Members can run for elections, which from this year on will be taken care of by the advisory board and the election committee. These elections will always be announced on Facebook and via email.

10. How do I run for being on the board?
The advisory board puts out an announcement every year during election times about how to run for the board. Please check the website often for further details.

11. What is the general assembly?
The general assembly is a forum where the board gives an overview of the current situation and makes general announcements. Members can also voice their concerns, complaints, suggestions about the board and/or committees. Member attendance isn’t mandatory but members are urged to attend. Any changes to the statutes can only be discussed and passed if we have at least 10% of our members in attendance.

12. What is the advisory board?
The advisory board consists of three members, who look over the board and their daily functioning.

13.What are BASIS' committees?
Academic Committee
-> Its sub-committee WijnMUN
Career Committee
Charity Ball Committee
Community Outreach Committee
Culinary Committee
Dance Committee
Equality Committee
First Years Weekend Committee
Music Committee
Photography Committee
Social Committee
Sports Committee
Theatre Committee
Travel Committee
Yearbook Committee

15. How do I join a committee?
On the committee pages on the website you can find the head of the committee you are interested in. Through BASIS on Facebook you can also receive information. Every committee has its way of accepting an applicant, and the positions can vary. However, if you are enthusiastic and determined you should have no problem joining a committee.

16. How do I set up a committee?
Firstly, you should contact the Internal Affairs Officer to communicate the chances of your idea being realised. Often times, the ideas are great but can be implemented in, for instance, a sub-committee. After a meeting with the board, further steps could be taken to set up a committee.

17. How do I contact a committee?
Committees have a general presence online, through Facebook and e-mail, but should also be approachable. Generally, whenever there is an event you should be informed about it swiftly. If not, try to contact the head of the respective committee, whose name you can find on the commitees page on this website.

18. Where can I find the statutes?
You can find the statutes and our daily manual here.