Humans of International Studies

Welcome to Humans of International Studies, or HOIS for short!

This BASIS project is proudly brought to you by the BASIS Photography Committee. Established in 2016, and functioning as practice for all members, The Humans of International Students community aims to celebrate the diversity of the student body at Wijnhaven Campus. Taken together, portraits and captions become the subject of a vibrant story book. A residency where tellers meet their listeners.

With the BAIS course being so diverse, this simple photograph-and-subtitle-format allows for the coverage of some truly inspiring and equally beautiful philosophies, biographies or general, day-to-day thoughts.

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Current Team
Editor-in-chief: Daniel Buwalda

“It’s almost our favorite time of the year again: people watching season. I mean; how beautiful is it to sit with somebody you love, someone you are in love with, someone you can share a love with and to simply sit and watch people? To think aloud about what other people’s thoughts are, to create a story, a personality, a feeling. Only to all let it go again because you’ll never really know. It’s a beautiful experience.”