Academic Sub-Committee: WijnMUN

During Model United Nations (MUNs) students represent different countries and try to solve real-world issues based on the policy of their country. Primarily, you will defend the positions and policies of one of the 195 countries represented at the United Nations! In this manner, we will simulate the debate of a Security Council Meeting, or of a UN General Assembly.

The training sessions are open to anyone! No sign-up sheets, no BASIS membership required, no need to sign up for any conferences, no fancy dress code and no previous experience is needed! 

Applications for the board of this subcommittee are now open! Fill in this form if you're interested, or send an email to You can also address this mailadress for general inquiries regarding WijnMUN!

Board 2017/2018
President: Youri Moes
Vice-President: Martin Galland
Conference Manager: Diego Grippa
Internal Affairs Officer: Leonoor Kemperman
Logistics Officer: Anna Karisto